Gabby is a LIFESTYLE and luxury real estate photographer. She is a BLOGGEr and avid video NINJA. Gabby loves creating content and SHARING it with the WORLd. she is well known for making each shoot unique + fun and for her ability to create amazing content while making you feel completely at ease. you'll love being in front of her lens.

Gabby is a lifestyle photographer, her work has been published internationally. She works in a variety of genres within the commercial market, ranging from advertising campaigns, product photography, Luxury Real Estate to modeling portfolios and more. Her passion for art and photography developed early on in life. Her skills and technical abilities have been polished by several years of experience in the industry, also by working side by side with top photographers in the commercial arena. Gabby has the ability to flow with an

idea from inception to development and until it’s made a beautiful reality. The process is what drives her; she is very skilled in her craft, takes her art very seriously and provides nothing but world-class service. As a result, her photographs radiate with vision and elegance, with a Gabby flare! High standards assure that you will be part of an extraordinary experience from start to finish, and beyond. Photography is something very special, it is something that can't be done by just anyone. It requires skill, soul and the ability to connect.


Thank you for stopping by, we are excited to have you around. The purpose of what we do - and this website - is to showcase, inspire, challenge and to collaborate. We believe in putting amazing things out in the world, not only when it comes to creating but also in every aspect of life. Expect to see the latest projects that Gabby is working on, along with some of her best work, publications and more. Blogging and Video Production have become two dear and important parts of Gabby's process. The idea was to create a place to showcase both her career work, personal work and a glimpse behind the scenes. 


As artists, we are always evolving, adapting and growing. In fact, stagnation is art's nemesis. We believe in playing an active role in our community. Sharing and providing feedback are necessary elements of the creative process. The collective succeeds and reaches new heights as we do individually; this is why it's important to pay attention to the amazing things happening around us. It's important to get involved, pass knowledge along and find purpose in your art. The ultimate goal is to inspire thoughts, create wonder and challenge others to do the same. Navigate through the site, take a look at the blog and stay a while!

FOR QUESTIONS - PLEASE CONTACT THE STUDIO -  info@emagenphotography.com