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Hello my people of the web! Last year, I was part of a really cool experience. Adobe hosted their very first Photo Jam, in Miami. The Photo Jam was a tournament full of talented creatives. A two part event that also offered valuable insight into the creative process of leading people in the industry. This year they hosted a Creative Jam, this time it was geared toward Design! The event was held at the Moore Building in the Design District in Miami. I was able to get a look behind the scenes and a little insight from some of the judges and hosts. Take a look at the video below for a recap of the night and don't forget to scroll down to read more on the interviews!

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Interview with Amanda Julca (Judge) You can find Amanda on Instagram as@amanda_Julca

Gabby: As a judge what is kick ass design for you, what are you looking for to stand out?

Amanda: I'm looking for something that is very dynamic, something that allows the eye to travel. I love when people branch out to create something really cool. Here tonight everyone has the same theme, so I'm super excited to see what they come up with.

Gabby: How has social media impacted your career?

Amanda: Social media is incredible, for visual artists, our work is readily available to the entire world. We can pretty much instantly advertise our work and our vision. From there, getting to know some of my favorite people here, I have found so many through Instagram by being part of this community. You meet these people in person and you're like "Wow I know you already, I know your work!" It's really neat.

Interview with Bruce Pinchbeck (Judge) You can find Bruce on Instagram as@thenewtropic

Gabby: As a Judge, what are you hoping to see here tonight?

Bruce: Assuming we stay on topic with Miami, I am looking for something that makes me proud of the city we live in.

Gabby: How has social media impacted your career?

Bruce: That's a good question! It's been a great way to share my portfolio of work and mostly the stuff that is personal projects, which is really the work that gets me hired for those big jobs!

Gabby: Most important question of the night, favorite Ninja Turtle, Go!

Bruce: Oh god! I could go a few ways with that. Leonardo had the swords! So, I kinda wanted to be him when I was a kid, but then I always wanted to be Mickey cause he is witty, funny and cool.

Interview with Megan Kirkwood (Host) You can find Megan on Twitter as@megankirkwood

Gabby: Megan, what is your favorite thing about the Creative Jams?

Megan: Definitely getting to meet all the artists!

Gabby: Where is Creative Jam heading next?

Megan: We are going to Honolulu!

Gabby: How do you feel like these events impact the creative community?

Megan: For a lot of these artists, it's the first time getting together as a team to create art together so it definitely challenges the community to grow and get working!

The Theme: From Miami, With Love.

I want to take the time to congratulate the winners. The bar was set very high this year, the talent in the room was so palpable. I am so proud to see this community flourish in front of my eyes.

People's Choice Winners:

Daniela Hernandez & Mai Sari

Here Is The Judges choice winners, a very well deserved tie:

From Miami with Love_1200x800

Fernando Borges of Luxury Design Studio & Edgar Woo of The Woo Collective


Lizzy Newberry and Cristina Gonzalez

A very special thanks to Adobe and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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