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Above The Clouds. A Note From Gabby

I took a little photo trip to the mid-west a few weeks ago, my good friend Jennifer Parker, the lady behind Edible Politics needed some shots (and we needed to catch up too!) so I hopped on a flight to Chicago, one of my favorite places! More on that coming soon. The trip was productive, therapeutic and the places we visited were beautiful. It rarely felt like work, there is something magical about doing exactly what you love, it feeds the soul. On my flight back home, I felt totally rejuvenated and uncluttered. I had been working non-stop, really spreading myself too thin. I'd been kind of in denial about needing a break, only because I'm enjoying - and I'm very thankful for - the opportunities that have come my way, specially this past year. In mid air, on that flight, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and felt a great sense of peace. This note is a reminder to give yourself a break, nurture your mind and your soul. To surround yourself with people that aren't afraid to want more. To work hard for what you want and enjoy the process.


Video - Creating Magic with RM Poole Photo

Enjoy a video that I created for a fellow photographer.

Mike from RM Poole Photo approached me with an idea for a video, he wanted to create something along the lines of a Behind The Scenes piece but with a cool, music video vibe.

Click below and watch in HD!


Hello my people! We took a little trip to Vegas last week. Take a look at the video below.

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