The Big Night - I Said Yes!

If you know me personally, you know that movie going is one of my favorite things to do. On Friday, January 27th we headed to the movies with some friends, as usual, or so I thought! Thinking back on it now, I don't know how Steve, my Dad and so many others, kept it so together that day, and on our way to the movies. Heck! I don't know how they kept all of this under wraps for weeks, I'm usually very good at noticing anything out of the norm, but he really pulled off the perfect proposal, flawlessly. So did our friends that were present at the theater, you guys kept so cool and collected, ha! I remember walking into the theater, sitting down and getting comfy. Steve said he needed to use the restroom, and he was gone. I had not seen my friend Alexa in a few weeks, she was sitting next to me, all I wanted to do was talk to her, in the video you can see that she had to bring my attention to the screen!

Not only did Steve go above and beyond for everything that went into the proposal itself, but when we left the theater (no, we didn't stay for the feature, haha) we were surrounded by some of our closest family members and a little bit later realized that around 30 of our closest friends were waiting at a restaurant nearby, my heart felt so full of happiness and gratitude that night.

The night was beyond any expectations I ever had, I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. We have been blessed with a loving family and circle of friends that we adore to no end.

Steve, thank you for this incredible night, I have been on cloud nine for years by your side but what you did here is truly exceptional and I thank you for that, for loving me unconditionally and for making me smile everyday. It's a beautiful life by your side.

Special thanks to:

Cinepolis USA

First Watch Restaurants

Coastal Performance

Provident Jewelers

Jess Ivie -  Anchor Weddings



Above The Clouds. A Note From Gabby

I took a little photo trip to the mid-west a few weeks ago, my good friend Jennifer Parker, the lady behind Edible Politics needed some shots (and we needed to catch up too!) so I hopped on a flight to Chicago, one of my favorite places! More on that coming soon. The trip was productive, therapeutic and the places we visited were beautiful. It rarely felt like work, there is something magical about doing exactly what you love, it feeds the soul. On my flight back home, I felt totally rejuvenated and uncluttered. I had been working non-stop, really spreading myself too thin. I'd been kind of in denial about needing a break, only because I'm enjoying - and I'm very thankful for - the opportunities that have come my way, specially this past year. In mid air, on that flight, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and felt a great sense of peace. This note is a reminder to give yourself a break, nurture your mind and your soul. To surround yourself with people that aren't afraid to want more. To work hard for what you want and enjoy the process.



The recovery part of my surgery was long and uncomfortable. I had a hard time adapting to what was happening, not only on the inside but outwardly also. The post-surgery process took a toll on my confidence. I felt like I wouldn't get back to "normal" and would notice only little changes in how my eye looked as the time progressed, thinking that time wasn't healing me fast enough. Maybe time did not matter and my eye would never feel or look "normal" again. These thoughts were abundant, heavy and unwanted.

The little things that are different about my eye now are so small, and probably only visible to me but non the less, it was difficult. Today marks 5 months since the surgery, it felt as though I would never get here. I feel very thankful, most days I don't think about it and don't notice anything different in the appearance of my eye. Some days I do, and during those days I try to think positively about it, I loudly say I am grateful to have my sight, to be healthy and to continue to live my life submerged in the visual arts. I guess situations like these tend to humble us and open our eyes a bit more. When we truly take the time to observe our lives, I think most of us would say we are immensely fortunate. This is not something to take for granted, it is something to put to use, for a greater purpose.

Curve balls are a sure thing in life, it's only a matter of when. Remember to remain positive and to be open minded. It's a beautiful life, it's now your turn to remind others of this also.