Fashion + Beauty Blogger - GKC Couture

Gaby is a Fashion and Beauty blogger based out of Palm Beach, we connected via Instagram and decided to create some magic together. She's got a fiery personality with a lot of sass! Can't wait to work together again. Check out one of her blog posts featuring Emagen Photo here. Below you will find a behind the scenes- look book video I created, along with some stills! Enjoy!

You can find Gaby here and here.

Photography - A session with Alexus Henry In Palm Beach, Florida

I was introduced to Lex through a fellow photographer in the area, I loved her look and wanted to get her in front of my camera asap! Before I met her, I was curious about her, there was something underneath that I could sense but could not fully see. I'm not only talking about her beauty, it was something more. After meeting in person, I learned that Lex has many layers, I was able to peel some of them to reveal this confident, ravishing and totally awesome person. Someone with depth, yet incredibly laid back. It was a blast to capture these images for her.

Take a look at some of my work with Lex.

You can find her here