The Big Night - I Said Yes!

If you know me personally, you know that movie going is one of my favorite things to do. On Friday, January 27th we headed to the movies with some friends, as usual, or so I thought! Thinking back on it now, I don't know how Steve, my Dad and so many others, kept it so together that day, and on our way to the movies. Heck! I don't know how they kept all of this under wraps for weeks, I'm usually very good at noticing anything out of the norm, but he really pulled off the perfect proposal, flawlessly. So did our friends that were present at the theater, you guys kept so cool and collected, ha! I remember walking into the theater, sitting down and getting comfy. Steve said he needed to use the restroom, and he was gone. I had not seen my friend Alexa in a few weeks, she was sitting next to me, all I wanted to do was talk to her, in the video you can see that she had to bring my attention to the screen!

Not only did Steve go above and beyond for everything that went into the proposal itself, but when we left the theater (no, we didn't stay for the feature, haha) we were surrounded by some of our closest family members and a little bit later realized that around 30 of our closest friends were waiting at a restaurant nearby, my heart felt so full of happiness and gratitude that night.

The night was beyond any expectations I ever had, I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. We have been blessed with a loving family and circle of friends that we adore to no end.

Steve, thank you for this incredible night, I have been on cloud nine for years by your side but what you did here is truly exceptional and I thank you for that, for loving me unconditionally and for making me smile everyday. It's a beautiful life by your side.

Special thanks to:

Cinepolis USA

First Watch Restaurants

Coastal Performance

Provident Jewelers

Jess Ivie -  Anchor Weddings




Sean and Melissa planned a vacation to beautiful South Florida. Sean thought that would be the perfect setting for him to pop the question. The months prior, Sean spent quite some time looking through Melissa's Pinterest boards, finding out exactly what she liked. Boy did he do a good job! Melissa is a free spirit, you can see the confidence in her eyes. Sean is a laid back guy that is very much to the point. These two compliment each other in a beautiful way, they find balance in one another. What is more interesting is that, without the magic of social media, these two may never have crossed paths. Sean saw Melissa in a photograph on a mutual friend's page and well, there was no time to waste. The rest is history and what ultimately led to this beautiful sunset proposal.

Congratulations on your engagement Sean and Melissa! It was truly a pleasure to capture these memories for you.



When they met, they weren't particularly fond of each other but a little time has a way of changing things and revealing your blessings. Nicole and Mike are absolutely inseparable and the love they have for one another can be felt from a mile away. I am honored to be your photographer for this very exciting time in your lives! These guys are such a blast to be around, here is a little look into our shoot together, more to come!